Mechanical Seal for various plans for both standard and custom engineered requests. Suitable for dangerous, toxic, flammable, highly abrasive, gaseous liquids and situations in which it is necessary to avoid atmospheric emission

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Our mechanical seals satisfy the most heavy duty uses.   
Complex systems, mainly high pressure hot water services, which necessitate high output, reliability and durability. Our technicians work within the energy industry providing specific solutions and using refined materials which ensure optimal lubrication and operating conditions. In many cases, we replaced the previous seals, radial plait seals installed to pumps, with more technologically advanced cartridge mechanical seals, which are pre-assembled to facilitate assembly to the pump and any future maintenance and replacement operations.


We have produced a concise guide to the flushing PLAN following the API 682 4th edition by the American Petroleum Institute.

The API 682 give guidance on how mechanical seals and auxiliary systems should be constructed.

The guide offers an explanation of the characteristics and uses of the API PLAN.
It is also a useful tool to approach the selection of the PLAN as a function of the mechanical seal and the process .

We produce standard and engineered mechanical seals with quality and passion

Learning needs of our customers >>> Project development >>> Dynamic test >>> production >>> Quality testing >>> Delivery >>> After-sales service.

These are the steps that have allowed us to become a global player in the design and construction of mechanical seals.

We manufacture all our products in Italy in the Pero plant, near Milan, covering an area of over 10000 m2.
We have structured an innovative process: we employ the most modern management systems, we constantly update the production with new machines and CAM-CAD systems that guarantee quality and flexibility at all times. Our organisation, made up of highly specialized and trained personnel, allows us to develop and produce, in a short time, engineered mechanical seals that are recognized and appreciated, all over the world, as our excellence.

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