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Wiilton Heat Transfer

Wilton Heat Transfer is a worldwide well-known brand with a history which goes back to 1940. Now, at seventy-nine years after the foundation, the company operates worldwide and takes up the challenge of every difficult assignment. Through the years Wilton has built up a large amount of experience, knowledge and know-how. Wilton is happy to share this with our customers.

One of the specializations is that Wilton likes to come up with innovative solutions, designs and produce these for our customers. This way Wilton makes heat exchangers and air-cooled coolers, that can function optimally under extreme process conditions. Wilton aims at supplying complete systems.

Wilton supports our clients during the lifetime of the product. Wiilton after-sales has a longstanding experience and a rich heritage dedicated to industrial maintenance and services for heat exchanging equipment.

Wilton scope of products

  • Air Cooled Coolers
  • Air Cooled Condensers
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Cooling Towers

Wilton is a worldwide key player in customer service and maintenance solutions following client demands concerning heat exchange equipment and preferred suppliers. 

Wilton philosophy for maintaining this position is to ensure the lowest downtime possible, the greatest reliability of our products, and the highest possible efficiency, all for the lowest costs possible.

“Excellent maintenance shouldn’t cost money but generate it"